Single Deck Car Parks

Increasing parking capacity has never been easier or quicker! Find out how you can double your parking space in just a couple of months.

Whether you are a business struggling for staff parking, a hospital site at bursting point or a retailer on a land-locked site, a single deck car park is the quickest and cheapest way to increasing capacity.
Unlike some modular car park decks, our single decks structures feature the same quality engineering, materials and build method as our multi-storey car parks. The framework is formed of box section steel with stable, durable and very low maintenance precast concrete slab decks and ramps. Being lighter in weight than a multi-storey car park, single decks require a fraction of the groundworks and can usually be mounted on simple pad foundations and have a lifespan of 50+ years.
With an eye on sustainability, single decks are the easiest of our parking structures to relocate should the need arise.
A simple turnkey single deck car park package would include:

Pad foundations • Frame, planks and ramps • Edge protection • Wayfinding • Basic M&E • White lining • Stairs - at intervals to satisfy fire escape distances • Resurfacing to ground floor.

Single deck car parks can be clad in a variety of styles and materials and can support passenger lifts/pedestrian ramps, extended heights. Discover some of our projects here.