System Build Modules

Modular Steel Frame
Our system is simple! At the heart is a standard steel module of 16m x 5/7.5m of galvanised hollow steel square section columns. Think of this as our building block facilitating standard parking bays of 5 x 2.5m. We can make our modules in all shapes and sizes because of course not every site is a perfect rectangle.

Precast Concrete Planks
Pre-cast TT and TTT+ planks form the decks avoiding the need for messy, inconsistent and time consuming in situ poured concrete. With integrated drainage channels for ease of maintenance, uniquely, our planks do not require a costly secondary coating – even on the top floor of the structure which means that lifecare costs are vastly reduced.
Fabricated to our unique specification and will be pre-stressed, ribbed, high-strength pre-cast concrete units which are designed to act compositely with the steel frame. The top surfaces of these units are designed to providing optimum resistance to road salts.
• The design working life in excess of 60 years
• C60 self-compacting concrete designed in accordance with BS Eurocodes
• Top surfaces designed to Exposure Class XD3. Under surface to Class XD1

Highly resistant – No additional surface treatments necessary.