Sustainability and the Future

With the environment in mind, we are well known in the market for setting the benchmark for sustainable car parks. We have several examples of energy neutral projects which are powered by solar panels, self-sustaining green walls and of course EV charging facilities and sustainable multi-modal hubs. With every project, we aim to explore and maximise the possibilities in this area. Our 3-stage ethos is:


Unlike traditionally built car parks, and composite deck system builds, a Ballast Nedam car park is different:
• Steel Frame – 100% recyclable
• Pre-cast planks – can be lifted and repurposed onto other projects for the duration of their design life (at least 60 years)
• No waterproof deck coating required = vastly reduced plastic materials
• Lower embodied carbon – in comparison with other solutions.


Many of the car parks in our portfolio are designed to be relocated in the future. We achieve this using the same steel and pre-cast concrete construction and with zero compromises on functionality or quality. Cleverly adapting the planks and keeping the design to our standard gridline (simplified) means they can move, add to, and adapt single deck and even multi-storey car parks. This is particularly valuable for sites where the lease period is short.


With the demand for parking changing in the future likely to be evolving, we welcome the challenge of working with you to ensure that our structures provide the ultimate flexibility and maximum value both now and for the duration of its design life. We are delighted to already be involved with several projects for where the longer-term use of the structure is likely to change. Multi-modal hubs, residential, offices, gymnasiums, retail, pop-up food and social hubs, Urban gardens, rooftop farms, and even rooftop sports facilities are just a few of the endless possibilities.